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Prices have dropped significantly since these units were released in 1999, and hard drive sizes have increased. All TiVo units and recent ReplayTV models (4500 series and newer) separate the cost of the hardware from the cost of the service, so after you buy the hardware, you have more to pay. The older ReplayTV models (4000 and older) have the cost of the service built into the selling price of the unit.

Feature ReplayTV TiVo
Unit price (MSRP) 5504 (40-hr) $499.99
5508 (80-hr) $599.99
5516 (160-hr) $849.99
TiVo Series2 (40-hr): $249.99
TiVo Series2 (80-hr): $349.99
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Prices last updated
Aug 17, 2009
3:00PM EST

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Leo Laportes Guide To Tivo
Leo Laportes Guide To Tivo ()

Manufacturer rebates None currently. These rebates expire December 31, 2003:
TiVo Series2 $50
Fees 4000s, 4500s, and most 5000s
$12.95/month or

5500 series and some 5000s*
Service free for 3 years
Then $11.88/year

Older models
Service included in price

*From Radio Shack
Service fees
$12.95/month or

Home Media Option
$99 to enable first unit
$49 for subsequent units
This feature is optional.

Gift subscriptions
Circuit City
The Wiz
Direct from DNNA
In U.S.

Best Buy
ABT Electronics
American Satellite
Direct from TiVo
Discontinued models 5000 series
4500 series
4000 series
ReplayTV 2000 series
ReplayTV 3000 series
Panasonic models
Philips HDR series
TiVo Series2 60-hour
Thomson (UK)
Sony SVR series
AT&T 40-hour
Guarantee/warranty 30-days, money back
One-year parts
One-year labor
30-days, money back
One-year parts
90-days labor
Date of release April 26, 1999 March 31, 1999